China Shipping Greece
?? China Shipping entered into Greek market since 1999. China Shipping (Greece) Agency Ltd was established in September 2004. It is a 100% subsidiary of China Shipping (Europe) Holding GmbH now.

China Shipping has 3 main services calling Piraeus as below:
1. ABX service: Asia-Piraeus-Black Sea-Asia
2. AMX4 service: Asia-Piraeus-West Mediterranean-Piraeus-Asia
3. AEX11 & AEX12 services: Far East - Piraeus-Northern Europe

**Based on our sub-agent in Thessaloniki and Limassol, Cyprus, China Shipping is serving Thessaloniki and Limassol via feeder transshipment in Piraeus on a weekly basis.
With 13 years' development in Greece, China Shipping has established a good image in Greece and received the high evaluation from our customers, suppliers and other business partners.  
Latest News: Integration between COSCON and CSCL in progress.

Αγ.Διονυσίου 3, 18545 Πειραιάς, τηλέφωνο +30 210 4015540, φάξ +30 210 4015549, email: